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STOP HUNGER NOW SA CEO acknowledged by WEF (Womens Economic Forum)

Our CEO, Saira Khan, was recently approached by WEF to not participate as a VIP Speaker at their event but to also become a member of the EXECUTIVE ADVISORY BOARD of WEF. This is an amazing achievement for a woman who is totally committed to eradicating hunger in the world together with the other affiliates of SHN worldwide.

Saira will be presenting her paper at a conference with over 2000 attendees in New Delhi, India in May 2017. Congratulations Saira and continue persevering towards NO HUNGER by 2030.

Congratulations Saira!

Our CEO, Saira Khan has been nominated to receive a Special Congressional proclamation, as well as the CELD Global Inspirational Women Leadership Award in Dubai in December 2016.

This will see her being inducted into the Global Women Leaders Hall of Fame.

All nominees for this showcase shall be featured in the special edition of the Amazons Watch Magazine’s Emerging Economies Power Women Listing, which will form part of the cover of the January 2017 edition of the magazine, and would be on display during the conference.

The team at Rise Against Hunger Africa, would like to congratulate Saira on this great achievement.